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Yarravalley area hosts a considerable amount of schools and universities. It includes a number of primary educational centers as well as tech schools like the Yarra Ranges Tech School for highly advanced higher studies. The reason Yarra Valley attracts a lot of permanent settlers is because of its low cost of living. It's quite economical including the basic amenities like healthcare, and education as well as it has a higher employment rate. So, if you're looking for a place to settle down in Australia, Yarra Valley makes a great option that you must consider.

About Yarravalley 

The higher reaches of the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia are known as the 'Yarra Valley.' The valley lies across the river banks stretching towards the Port Phillip Bay, east of Melbourne's core business centre.

From bushlands to seaside fronts, high deserts, and acres upon acres of mesmerizingly beautiful vineyards, the region is endowed with many natural wonders. The valley attracts many weekenders and day-trippers from around Melbourne because of its natural characteristics, agricultural products, and the picture-perfect Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.

The valley is also a burgeoning wine region, with various vintages and thriving new wineries offering Cellar Door services. The region has year-round cool and pleasant weather, ideal for producing superior chardonnay, pinot noir, and sparkling wine.

The Yarra Valley's cuisine culture is noteworthy, matching the quality of premium wines. With a plethora of fresh vegetables from all areas of the valley, it's immensely fulfilling to explore and share the region's enthusiasm for food.

You can hike up gentle slopes laced with vineyards, meditate in isolated ravines across the blue mountains, wander through coniferous forests, or dip your toes in the surf in the Yarra Valley's unique terrain. The various wildlife parks get you near to the endemic Australian species, while idyllic tiny settlements such as Marysville and Warburton provide for ideal rest spots. The following picture shows unit vs house and renters vs owners ratio. Yarravalley has more renters than owners, and this place could be the best option for both investment or living purposes.


Why Yarravalley?

There are several compelling reasons why you should invest in Yarra Valley real estate and call it your home.

To begin with, the region is known for its breathtaking natural scenery, which includes rolling hills, vineyards, and forests. As a result of its popularity as a tourist destination, the real estate market is booming. Yarra Valley is also a thriving wine-producing region, with its wines gaining wide popularity and earning the reputation of some of the best in the world. This has contributed to the region's popularity as a wine-tasting destination and increased property values. Finally, because Yarra Valley is only a short drive from Melbourne, Australia's largest city, it has a strong economy and high demand for real estate. Consequently, Yarra Valley is an excellent investment option.



Bunjil Place: This recreational facility was inspired by the idea of 'Bundjil,' the First Nation's People's creator. It has a unique architectural design. The famous roof is shaped like the wings of a soaring eagle, while the building's entryway grind shell serves as its legs.

Bunjil Place is a great place to have fun in the South East of Melbourne. It has a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

Eltham North Adventure Playground: Enjoy various unique outdoor activities at this fun-filled adventure park. Enjoy a sizzling onsite BBQ and picnics, fly across the chasms with Flying Fox, splash around in the water, and let the kids have a blast in the cubby section.
Coombe Yarra Valley: Once the home of Dame Nellie Melba, this valley estate is rich in history. Guided garden tours, gourmet dining, and the estate's specialty of elegant high tea with the Devonshire brew are all available to visitors.

You can also go to the estate's gallery, which has paintings and writings about Dame Melba's life and the important part she played in Australian history.

Funfields Theme Park: Funfields is a 15.7-hectare theme park with many exciting wet-and-wild attractions. The park's features include three World Record ProSlide Water Slides, a Go-Kart Track, a Swinging Pirate Ship, two Multi-level waterplay zones, an 18-hole Mini-Golf Course, and a Kidzone section with Formula Fun Go Karts, a Carousel, and other activities for the youngest members of your group.
De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate: A spectacular setting of the Great Dividing Range is combined with a practical food philosophy and premium quality sparkling wine at this opulent estate. When you go to this Yarra Valley estate, you can enjoy elegant Italian fine dining, drink good wine, and look longingly at the beautiful Great Dividing Range in the background.

As per the reports by htag.com.au, the typical housing price in the suburbs has been changing each year. It goes up and down. The following graph shows the data since 2010. In future, it is expected to rise significantly.


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Noticeable Amenities

Hike a Trail in the Mountains The Chum Creek Road Climb is an 8.4-kilometer trail that begins at the intersection of Heath Road and Healesville-Kinglake Road and ends at Myers Creek Road-Toolangi. The riders will enjoy crisscrossing the trail several times through the woodland portions of Mountain Ash, Grass trees, and other sycamores. On your left, you will soon come across a lovely valley. Descend among the lush vegetation.

Go mountain biking on Mount Donna Buang: The Warburton township is a prominent issue among Yarra Valley riders. The fame is partly due to the well-known Mount Donna Buang climb, which is the closest to actual alpine climbing in Melbourne. This route can be started from Melbourne or joined later along the path from Launching Place or Warburton.

Hike on the Diamond Creek Trail: This 12-kilometer shared-use trail connects the towns of Eltham and Diamond Creek. It would be best if you began at Eltham Lower Park, bend over a beautiful wooden bridge on the Main Yarra Trail, and conclude immediately outside Diamond Creek East Primary School.

Finns Reserve: The Finns Reserve combines well-preserved natural areas with a prestigious art sector. The spacious outdoors beckons you to go for brisk walks, ride your bike along the bike routes, work out at the fitness station, or visit the Wombat Bend Playspace.

The Yarra Creek runs through the park, and there are grills and drinking fountains along the riverbanks. The mosaic of 'The Circle of Friends' can be admired, and the intricate maze panels can be explored. There's also an amphitheater, a thrilling Flying Fox ride, a large carousel, and natural woodland pathways to explore.

Economy and Amenities

According to the Yarra Ranges Council, economic development is a vital driver of community wellness. The Strategy describes the Council's commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and local communities in the Yarra Ranges through the support and promotion of a variety of sustainable economic development initiatives, including but not limited to:

• providing guidance and mentorship on starting and expanding a business
• land development with a focus on ensuring business growth and improving soft and hard infrastructure
• bringing new development, investment, and commercial possibilities to the region
• doing economic research and giving data to help local businesses make informed decisions.
• providing training, assistance, and events to local businesses to help them improve their skills and business leadership
• assisting vital community organizations, such as community houses, in delivering high-quality learning programs that lead to long-term employment.
• establishing partnerships that promote long-term progress in the region through constructive, collaborative working relationships between government, industrial associations, and neighborhood homes.
• collaborating with the industry on strategic projects to remove roadblocks and increase competitiveness
• Constantly improving the local planning scheme and the permitting process

Yarravalley: Future Prospects

By the end of 2022, the Yarra Ranges will have cemented its position as Australia's leading location for long-term economic development. The Yarra Ranges will have solidified its reputation as a desirable environment to raise a family, study, work, and retire.

The Yarra Ranges will help create a strong economy that lets businesses grow and compete globally. High-speed broadband and other information communication technologies will form the foundation of the future infrastructure.

As an economy based on innovation, the Yarra Ranges will have a wide range of jobs in new industries if local businesses and communities continue to invest in our skills base. This will support a thriving economy and a unique way of life.

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