Finally, an agent who helps you to procure high performance property with positive cashflow.

We help you to buy High yield positive cash flow properties in growth areas. All “Done for you” with the help of Researchers.
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BuyersHub aims to inspire people to take accountability for their financial freedom and lifestyle.
We do this by providing support and guiding hands to procure attractive property deals.


Estimated Market Value: $471,000
Purchase Price: $455,000
Land Size: 1200m2
Yield: 6.1%
Vacancy Rate: 0.3%

High performance Cashflow positive property in Victoria!

Purchase Price = $640,000
Annual Rent = $52,520 ($1,010 per week)
Yield = 8.21%
Regional Victoria
Close to shopping, transport, schools

High performance Cashflow positive property.

Purchase Price = $560,000
Annual Rent = $34,320 ($660 per week)
Yield = 6.13%
Regional Queensland
Close to shopping, transport, schools
Not in Flood Zone
High Capital Growth
Tax Depreciation

High performance Melbourne property!

Purchase Price = $800,000
Annual Rent = $57,200 ($1100 per week)
Yield = 7.15%
Only 51 mins to Melbourne CBD

Amazing Client Success story.

Purchase price: $650,000
Rent - $820 /week ($42,640 /Annum)
Gross Yield - 6.56%
Positively geared
Capital City, Perth
Tax depreciation
1 minute to major Hospital, shopping centre, and Train Station
High capital growth predicted

High performance Cashflow positive property.

Purchase Price = $359,000
Annual Rent = $24,440 ($470 per week)
Yield = 6.81%
Regional Queensland
Close to shopping, transport, schools
Not in Flood Zone
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Are you First home buyer, and do not have enough money to start your property journey? Consider buying an Investment property before first home?

Major Regional Town Properties

Rentvesting could be your beginning of your property journey.
How about this property?

Purchase Price: $410,000
Est Value: $470,000
Under Market Profit: $60,000
Land Size: 760m2
Yield: 6.3%
Vacancy Rate: 0.1%
Owner Occ: 65%
Flood Zone: No

Advantages: Don't worry about paying mortgages for next 5 years. And it will give some money to your pocket after all expenses. And top of that its going to grow too which will give your 10% for your next dream property

Investor Page

Affordable Investment Properties

Regional Town Properties

Cant get finance for your dream property?
How about this one?

Purchase Price of the property: $250,00
Est Market Value: $270,000
Under Market Profit: $20,000

Projected Year 3 Growth: 26.5%
Rent PW: $290
Vacancy Rate: 1.2%

Current Yield: 6.03%
Net Positive Cash Flow: $2,693
Block size: 680m2

Advantages: Don't worry about paying mortgages for next 5 years. And it will give some money to your pocket after all expenses.

After 12 months you do re-valuation of this property to buy your next property

Everyone's scenario is different. Call me to discuss what is perfect for your situation : 0481 822 557

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Buyer's Agent?

Buyer's agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers. 

Are Buyers Advocates Worth It?

Normally yes, Buyers Agents do all the work for you so you can just sit back and relax. They can save you time, money, and stress. A real estate expert that’s on your side, Buyers Agents take calculated decisions, not emotional ones. This will help you to not pay too much for a property.

What Does A Buyers Agent/Advocates Do?

A buyer’s agent specialises in scoping out and evaluating properties on behalf of their client, a buyer (i.e. a purchaser). If the buyer is interested in one of the properties introduced to them by the buyer’s agent, that agent can also negotiate the sale on behalf of that buyer/client. In some cases, a buyer may have found a property, but chooses to use a buyer’s agent just to take care of the negotiations or to bid on their behalf if the property is going to auction.

How Much Does A Buyers Agent Cost?

Buyers Agent fees usually start from $500 dollars for attending an Auction and $1000 as success fees. Appraisal and Negotiation fees are 1 %, and a full-service fee is 2%. The percentage costs can be settled to a fixed price, before signing the contract.

Who Pays the Buyer Agents Fees?

A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas a selling agent works for the vendor (seller). Therefore, Buyers Agent fees are paid by the buyer (you). Remember a buyers’ agent does not sell real-estate.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Buyers Agent?

- You save money ( they can help find the right true market value of the property)
- You save time (A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster. Save inspection time)
- You save yourself from being stressed and ultimately you Buy Right (you won't regret your decision)

What Services Does A Buyers Agent Offer?

- Auction Bidding
- Negotiation only
- Finding your dream house
- Finding an investment property
- Finding a site for subdivision
- And some does Project Management of the renovation too

How Much Does A Vendors Advocacy Cost?

Most of the time it’s FREE!

Will you help Investors and First Home buyers?

Our buyer’s agents have assisted everyone from seasoned investors to owner-occupiers and first-home buyers, and have bought both homes and investment properties on behalf of our clients. We’re happy to discuss the different aspects of our service that may be suited to you based on your individual property strategy.

Can we get charged Fixed fees?

We work on a fixed-fee service, so you can you know in advance how much you are getting charged.

Where do you operate?

We buy properties all over Australia, and predominantly specialise in Victorian purchases. When we recommend other states, we work with a trusted network of interstate buyer’s agents to look after our clients who are considering an interstate property purchase.

Will you find development sites for us?

No - Even Though we have done subdivisions and developments before, we don't do it anymore. We have partnered with specialist people who can do this for you We can also recommend other property professionals related to this Once you’ve identified and purchased a site, our partner experts can then manage the entire process for you, from feasibility and design right through to construction and final delivery.

I have found the property myself, can you help buy this particular one?

Yes! We have a range of services to help property buyers who already have a property in mind. Our pre-purchase “Property Check” service can identify any deal-breakers and give you a price range for your negotiation, and our “Negotiation and Due Diligence” service is ideal for buyers who would like to hire a professional negotiator to represent them throughout the negotiation process to achieve the best possible price and contract terms.

Free resource to download
"How to buy a property that pays you every month".

3 strategies from $500K to 1 Million.
All done and managed for you.

Based on 8 reviews.
Juin Joseph mangalam
Juin Joseph mangalam
I highly recommend involving a buyer's agent in property purchase, especially if the buyer is inexperienced.I got in touch with Mr.Sateesh Palliyil of Buyers Hub, after listening success stories of close friends.Below are the reasons why I recommend Sateesh as a buyer's agent. Knowledge about current market. Network among Nationally recognised Property experts. Ability to coach. Assistance to structure right strategy for the individual. Review meetings throughout the purchase process. Prompt response via emails, calls. Thorough review of the shortlisted properties. Risk analysis. Highly skilled negotiations. I wish more and more happy customers keep buying properties through him. Juin JM
julia mathew
julia mathew
Recommend this buyers agency. Enjoyed a great experience with them throughout the process.
GandhiMathiNathan Muruganantham
GandhiMathiNathan Muruganantham
Sateesh is an excellent listener. He got my intent of the investment and my long term plans. The investment property he got for me is well aligned with all my long term plan. He is a man of his word. He delivered all his promises - Budget, House Specifications, Rental Vacancy rate, Capital Gain predictions et al. The journey itself took about 12 weeks. I learnt a lot of things about investment properties during this time. He patiently educated me about all the nuances. Not many real estate professionals will teach their tricks to trade to their client. Sateesh was very happy to pass the knowledge. The research he did for the properties are very thorough. I am impressed by his Integrity, Knowledge and Professionalism. I have been recommending his services to all my friends..
Aaron & Smith
Aaron & Smith
Satish was extremely helpful and kept informed us throughout the process,His professionalism and knowledge of property market is amazing,always very responsive and willing to assist when ever we required , we have referred numerous clients to satish since and all have had a great experience. Thank you
shiju vij
shiju vij
Staying in a suburb 3.5hrs away from Melbourne, both I and my wife were busy searching for investment properties. We engaged BuyersHUB to do the property searching for us and after a series of meetings we were given a few shortlisted suburbs to choose. Then we shortlisted a few properties that were within our budget from their recommended “ripe to grow” suburb lists. Thanks to Sateesh who found an off-market property that was not even listed in or, negotiated, arranged building and pest inspections for us, and helped us buy our investment property. I am very happy with the end result and would definitely recommend Sateesh and BuyersHUB Property Advocacy to everyone. This saved us a lot of time and effort. Thank You Sateesh and BuyersHUB for helping us out.
Jacob Zacharias
Jacob Zacharias
We got to know about Sateesh through one of his past clients. Its very difficult to find someone who is very humble and easy to get along, especially when you are new to property investing. Satheesh has been extremely patient with us during the whole process, answering all questions or concerns we had and making sure that we are 100 percent comfortable in every step. Its a very precious trait which is hard to find in this money involved industry and we were fortunate enough to meet Satheesh at the right time. He has put enough free content out for you to see, so that you will buy right and make less mistakes when you purchase property. The knowledge they share is invaluable and reassuring when making such a big decision. The free webinar and property education and Q&A is a good start for any property investor, which I recommend everyone to do. He is not just a buyer's advocate but an extremely helpful person and glad that he is in our friends list. We are incredibly grateful for their support and will recommend Sateesh and BuyersHUB to all my friends!
Sabidha Palliyil
Sabidha Palliyil
Shija Ajithkumar
Shija Ajithkumar
We reached out to Sateesh Palliyil a few years ago for our subdivision project. We lived in a house with a good backyard suitable for a 2 lot subdivision. We kept the front house and built a new townhouse behind it. He has practical knowledge in Renovation and Property Sub-division and gave us excellent recommendations. Though it had delays and stops in many stages, the project went well. When we were stuck with issues, we called Sateesh and he was always happy to answer the phone with great positive attitude. His passion towards property and helping mentality is commendable. We completed the project successfully, rented out the front house and recently sold the new house! We would 100% recommend Sateesh to anyone, who has any subdivision, renovation or development projects in Melbourne.

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