Professional, independent advocacy to achieve the best possible result in the sales process.

Selling a property is very stressful, time consuming, overwhelming, unpredictable and can cost you thousands by not achieving the best price due to ill-informed, ignorant advices from friends, family, neighbours, or pressure from a selling agent to sell for less than what your property is really worth. We help you to choose the best and right agent, check their proposals, check their estimated selling price, check their comparables, check their method of sale, marketing fees, and time frames.

We double check your actions, because you never get a second chance.


Vendor Advocates

Selling property is likely to be one the largest financial transactions you make in your life. Even if you have sold property before there is high chance that you make silly mistakes and cost thousands. BuyersHub Vendor Advocates organise everything for you so you can have complete peace of mind that everything that should be being done is being done for you rather than DIY and most importantly you achieve the best possible price for your property.

Our service includes:

Initial consultation
Discuss Sales process, marketing
Help you meet professionals to prepare for sale. Section 32 ( Vendors Statement) and Contract of Sale
Interviewing of agents
Negotiation of agents fee
Check their Price is according to markets demand.
Consultation with agents regarding marketing
Management of all agent communication
Advise you of all feedback and make appropriate recommendations and strategies.
Fully brief you of the market and campaign development via our communication schedule
Co-ordinate all negotiations and advise you throughout – this includes the auction

Call us now on 0481 822 557 to find out more or book an appointment from my online calendar and an experienced Vendor Advocate will contact you shortly.


- Frequently Asked Questions -

Which selling agent would you choose to sell our property?

We choose not only the best Agent, but the right prices agent too.

How much commission?

We negotiate hard on Commission and who ever is the best suitable for this partuclar sale we appoint them.

How much will be the marketing fees?

It depends on the value of the property. You can spend from a minimum of $1000 to $15,000 and more. But most of the times it gives more popularity to the selling agent than more money for you. Hence we will sit together and choose a right amount to spend on marketing.

About Us

We are committed to our clients, to provide long-term opportunities and financial stability. Using technology tools and the right software we bring the best value for money available to the client at that moment.