Being in a different country where you don't know anything about the dram and still committing a biggest purchase ever you have done in your entire life is very challenging

Your First Home 

Buying your first home is undoubtedly the most important purchase you will make, but most first home buyers unfortunately pay too much for real estate due to their lack of experience.

Common Problems for First Home Buyers:

Missing out at auctions again & again
Properties selling for more than they can afford
Not knowing the real value of a property
Overpaying for real estate
Shocked by hidden fees
Overwhelmed by the process

Our Fees

First home buyers also see the fee of a buyers advocate as an extra cost.
If you buy the first property wrong you can buy your second property very late and you will
end up with your mortgage for 30 years. WE property specialists call it as “Touched the
IF you buy it right, you can cut short your paying mortgage for years, and the possibility of
buying another property within the next 18 months is highly achievable.

It's like playing chess. Before you make your next step, you should think about what your 3
steps are after and all the possible steps combinations.

First home buyers fees are fixed and lowest of all other fees. So you can plan it well.

PS: First home buyers are the easiest prey, particularly at an auction and can be easily
persuaded by agents. This can result in rash decisions and costly mistakes. We are here to
help make sure this never happens and protect you at every turn.

We can help you get ahead of your competition: We also have access to off market &
exclusive properties. These are properties you cannot find online by yourself! This is a huge
advantage to you over other buyers. We quickly ascertain whether a property is within your
budget which saves you time and stress looking at the wrong properties.



Commitment – We are committed to our clients, to provide long-term opportunities and financial stability. Using technology tools and the right software we bring the best value for money available to the client at that moment. Seeking to be proud of every transaction we did, and how they changed every family, and how their testimonials and word of mouth contributed our growth

Respect. We respect your dreams and life as an investor. If we promised, we will deliver.

Integrity. We focus on honest communication and building long-term relationships in which trust is primary. We will ensure that all of customers make money, by trusting our recommendation and investing, and they will keep coming back to us with more transactions and recommend their friends and relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Buyer's Agent?

Buyer's agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers.

Are Buyers Advocates Worth It?

Normally yes, Buyers Agents do all the work for you so you can just sit back and relax. They can save you time, money, and stress. A real estate expert that’s on your side, Buyers Agents take calculated decisions, not emotional ones. This will help you to not pay too much for a property.

What Does A Buyers Agent/Advocates Do?

A buyer’s agent specialises in scoping out and evaluating properties on behalf of their client, a buyer (i.e. a purchaser). If the buyer is interested in one of the properties introduced to them by the buyer’s agent, that agent can also negotiate the sale on behalf of that buyer/client. In some cases, a buyer may have found a property, but chooses to use a buyer’s agent just to take care of the negotiations or to bid on their behalf if the property is go