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Our Services

BuyersHUB specialises in sourcing affordable properties, anywhere in Australia.
Find High Yield Investment Properties
We help you find properties that yield the best rent and maximum capital gains.
Helps You Find Your Dream Home
Looking for a family home? We listen to your deepest desires and personal interests. 
First Home Buyer
Our team is experienced in finding the best suited home as per your budget and needs.
Auction Bidding
We plan & execute auction bidding strategy for you to save time, money and stress.
We skillfully and effectively negotiate on your behalf through private treaty or bidding at auction.
Vendor Advocacy
We help you sell your property at current market value by selecting the best sales agent.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is

To bring 100 everyday Australian families to achieve financial independence and to build generational wealth, through the vehicle of real estate investment

Our core values are

Commitment - We are committed to loyalty to our clients, Seeking to be proud of every transaction we did, and how they changed every family, and how their testimonials and word of mouth contributed our growth.

 Respect -  We respect your dreams and life as an investor. If we promise, we will deliver. 

Integrity -  We focus on honest communication and building long-term relationships in which trust is primary. We will ensure that all customers make money, and they will keep coming back to us and recommend BuyersHUB to their friends and relatives.

The BuyersHub Promise

You never overpay for any property
We help if you buy the right property by doing all the research and due diligence on your behalf.
We can take the stress out of auctions by bidding on your behalf
Our clients have a strong advantage when purchasing their next home or investment.
We are at your side every step of the way through the whole buying or selling process.
You save heaps of time and enjoy peacefulness.

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Buyer’s Agent Institute

Buyer’s Agent Institute


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4 reasons to choose BuyersHUB Advocacy services

Don't waste any more time.

We will buy your next house in 6 weeks time. We offer faster turnaround and save your time.

Free Education

Knowledge is power. Its a skill we all must have in our life. While buying a property this will help you pay the right price and avoid costly mistakes

Unlimited support

We love properties and wealth creation. So you calling and asking about property is a chat with friends. Not a work for us.

Money back Guarantee

If you don’t love it… you don’t pay! We’re so confident you will love the whole journey of buying a new property

The BuyersHub Difference

You must know the difference between Ordinary Buyer and Empowered Buyer along with Buyer agent before taking any big decision.
Ordinary Buyer

Ordinary Buyer

  1. Don't know which is the right suburb
  2. Don't know which is the right property strategy ( capital growth,_ve cash flow, positively geared, renovation, subdivision)
  3. Stuck with financials after one property purchase
  4. Property portfolio is not growing and negatively geared
  5. Time poor to do any research and find properties
  6. Spend hours on and and confused more
  7. Experiencing market fear
  8. Not confident about buying the right property
  9. No one to ask to clear your genuine doubts
  10. Confused with too much data at hand
  11. Frustrated with analysis paralysis
  12. Tired and fear of dealing with real estate agents
  13. Don't know the value of the property and finding it difficult to negotiate the best price
  14. Sick of losing out at auction and fear of attending it, and consequences
  15. Fear of missing something while doing due diligence

Empowered Buyer along with Buyers Agents

  1. You know which is the best suburb to invest right now
  2. You know the right strategy
  3. Ready to purchase the next property after 18 months
  4. Portfolio is growing and you cashflow positive so you can spend for your coffee now
  5. Buyers Agents will do the property research and and if you find one interesting property, you have someone to call and double check
  6. Have lots of clarity
  7. You are confident and knows much more about market trends now
  8. Know what to buy
  9. Has someone to ask questions and clear your doubts
  10. More data is a blessing now and we know how to use it
  11. There is a data interpreter who can explain what to look and what to ignore
  12. Buyers agents will deal the real estate agents
  13. We know what is the value of the property now and will never pay more than what is needed
  14. Looking at Auctions at a different angle
  15. You have checklists to check against, so just tick all the boxes

The BuyersHub Process


The First Step

Free 15 minutes strategy call to understand your needs, must haves and desires, like property features, budget and location. End of the call, we can understand each other and determine if we can help you and our service is fit for both of us. If its a fit fix a time for next meeting or say thanks and goodbye to each other. Clarify any doubts.



Fill the Buyers Engagement form, We sit together and prepare detailed Brief, Establish detailed strategy to find the right property, Understand your short term/long term goals and requirements, Formulate a high level growth/ income strategy based on your situation and existing portfolio, Establish working relationship, Establish open and honest communication. Sign the Buyer's Agreement electronically. Pay a small retainer upfront backed by our 100% money back guarantee (conditions apply).


Getting Ready

Speak to Accountant, Speak to Mortgage broker, Speak to lawyer if needed.



We then start searching for your property according to your Detailed brief. There is no limit to how many properties we will Search, Evaluate & Negotiate for you in that time frame. Identifies all aspects of the property, including renovation potential, street and precinct assessment, location logistics for now and in five and 10 years. Shortlist properties, Hand pick your gem.



Confirm and make a decision, Assign Building Inspectors, Pest inspectors, Strata Inspectors and do the due diligence.



We sit together and create a negotiation/winning strategy both for private sale or auctions. Once you have chosen your dream home or investment property, we will evaluate it using available comparable sales data and our market knowledge and networks to ensure you are making a worthwhile purchase. Negotiate with agents/ vendors to buy at the right price (undermarket as well) or walk away.



Exchange contracts with special conditions protecting buyers interest. To remove the stress from buying we can introduce you to great solicitors, pest & building inspectors, property managers, mortgage Brokers, and other professionals related to your purchase of the property, only if it’s needed, all the way to get unconditional contract. Once exchange of contracts is complete, we help you with every task related to this property purchase, through to the settlement.


Running The Property Portfolio

Engage Property manager as required, The balance of fees are to be paid to BuyersHUB within 10 days after exchange of contracts.


Your Next Property Purchase

Go with a plan for your next purchase. If you have plan written in your diary or Vision board it will definitely happen, Keep in touch, coz You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With, Become lifetime member entitled to discounts on subsequent purchases, Provide ongoing advisory/support as needed, Monitor and appraise your portfolio at least on yearly basis.

The BuyersHub Sample Deal

Achieve your property goals
5 times faster

Would that make some difference? Discover the Buyers hub services today!


 Reviews and Testimonials for our Team


BuyersHUB was able to locate an amazing property in Perth. I saw the property with my own eyes, yet I ignored it. But when Sateesh showed me around the property after our meeting, I realised what a wonderful treasure it is. Six months after I made my investment, I received about $50,000 in capital appreciation, and a 6.1% yield.


I have been watching the Perth real estate market for over a year. Those days, any filthy piece of real estate will be under contract within a day of being listed. It was a very stressful period. Then we engaged BuyersHUB. Within two weeks, they found an off-market property with excellent rental yields in a low-crime neighbourhood.


My budget was only $400,000, and with that I couldn't buy a house in Melbourne. Then I attended a free strategy session with Sateesh. There he recommended many options suitable for us. Later, BuyersHUB discovered an excellent home at $382,000, with more than 6.5% rental returns interstate. I am proud to boast that I own property in Australia. My new investment home also pays my rent in Melbourne.

Retheesh Konnackal

Electronics Engineer, Property Developer
" Sateesh has sound knowledge in Positive cash-flow property strategies like Duplexes, Granny Flats, NDIS and Co-Living Rooming houses. I would highly recommend Sateesh for anything related to Real Estate, especially Wealth creation through property investment. "


Registered Nurse
" Sateesh has practical knowledge in Renovation and Property Sub-division and gave us excellent recommendations. For our sub-division project when we were stuck with issues, we called Sateesh and he was always happy to answer the phone with great positive attitude. His passion towards property and helping mentality is commendable. We completed the project successfully, rented out the front house and recently sold the new house! "
Happy property investor

Lokan Ravi

Property Investor
" We wanted a good investment property and our search end up with a NDIS investment property. Now we have a goal, and its nothing less than Financial Freedom. We are on target to replace our income with rental income in short span of 2 years. "
Based on 15 reviews
Great info session
Sateesh and BuyersHUB staff have great skills and in-depth knowledge in property investment. We greatly appreciate their experience, guidance and support.
Gino George
Gino George
Thank you so much for the help in buying an investment property. When I first approached Satheesh I was not aware of many aspects of property buying. Satheesh managed to get a positive cash flow property with in our budget. He negotiated further to get a better deal. I am glad I have used his expertise in investing this helped me get an additional 50K+ income in the first few years. If you are planning to invest in property I highly recommend to give Satheesh a call.
Relish Francis
Relish Francis
I was new to property investment and was advised to use a buyers agent. Sateesh was referred to me by my friend who had used his service earlier and was very happy with the same.I liked Sateesh’s approach to the whole client engagement where he first clearly understands what our investment goals are so that he can tailor a strategy fit to achieve that goal.From the beginning he has been very upfront, honest and friendly in his dealing whilst maintaining a professional demeanour. He kept me informed in every stage of the journey and I never had to make a phone call to ask for an update. With his years of experience, he was able to tactfully negotiate on the price of the property which was a huge saving. He again used his negotiation skills to further reduce the property price after the P&B inspection.Using his contacts from many years in the business, he easily arranged for solicitors, real estate agents, blind installation companies and fronted discussions with them to make it a really smooth journey for me. Even after settling of the property, he has been religiously following up with me on what’s happening with property, tenants, real estate agents etc which I really appreciate.I definitely recommend Sateesh to anyone who is considering getting into the investment property journey as his many years of experience in the fiel and his good nature along with negotiation skills will help you secure excellent properties at the best price. Keep up the good work Sateesh.
Juin Joseph mangalam
Juin Joseph mangalam
I highly recommend involving a buyer's agent in property purchase, especially if the buyer is inexperienced.I got in touch with Mr.Sateesh Palliyil of Buyers Hub, after listening success stories of close friends.Below are the reasons why I recommend Sateesh as a buyer's agent.Knowledge about current market. Network among Nationally recognised Property experts. Ability to coach. Assistance to structure right strategy for the individual. Review meetings throughout the purchase process. Prompt response via emails, calls. Thorough review of the shortlisted properties. Risk analysis. Highly skilled negotiations.I wish more and more happy customers keep buying properties through him.Juin JM
julia mathew
julia mathew
Recommend this buyers agency. Enjoyed a great experience with them throughout the process.
GandhiMathiNathan Muruganantham
GandhiMathiNathan Muruganantham
Sateesh is an excellent listener. He got my intent of the investment and my long term plans. The investment property he got for me is well aligned with all my long term plan. He is a man of his word. He delivered all his promises - Budget, House Specifications, Rental Vacancy rate, Capital Gain predictions et al.The journey itself took about 12 weeks. I learnt a lot of things about investment properties during this time. He patiently educated me about all the nuances. Not many real estate professionals will teach their tricks to trade to their client. Sateesh was very happy to pass the knowledge.The research he did for the properties are very thorough. I am impressed by his Integrity, Knowledge and Professionalism.I have been recommending his services to all my friends..

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Buyer's Agent?

Buyer's agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers.

Are Buyers Advocates Worth It?

Normally yes, Buyers Agents do all the work for you so you can just sit back and relax. They can save you time, money, and stress. A real estate expert that’s on your side, Buyers Agents take calculated decisions, not emotional ones. This will help you to not pay too much for a property.

What Does A Buyers Agent/Advocates Do?

A buyer’s agent specialises in scoping out and evaluating properties on behalf of their client, a buyer (i.e. a purchaser). If the buyer is interested in one of the properties introduced to them by the buyer’s agent, that agent can also negotiate the sale on behalf of that buyer/client. In some cases, a buyer may have found a property, but chooses to use a buyer’s agent just to take care of the negotiations or to bid on their behalf if the property is going to auction.

How Much Does A Buyers Agent Cost?

Buyers' Agent fees usually start from $500 dollars for attending an Auction and $1000 as success fees. Different fees for Negotiation only and Full Service. To start the search, most of the buyer's agents charge an upfront retainer fee.

Who Pays the Buyer Agents Fees?

A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas a selling agent works for the vendor (seller). Therefore, Buyers Agent fees are paid by the buyer (you). Remember a buyers’ agent does not sell real-estate.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Buyers Agent?

- You save money ( they can help find the right true market value of the property)
- You save time (A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster. Save inspection time)
- You save yourself from being stressed and ultimately you Buy Right (you won't regret your decision)

What Services Does A Buyers Agent Offer?

- Auction Bidding
- Negotiation only
- Finding your dream house
- Finding an investment property
- Finding a site for subdivision
- And some does Project Management of the renovation too

How Much Does A Vendors Advocacy Cost?

Most of the time it’s FREE!

Will you help Investors and First Home buyers?

Our buyer’s agents have assisted everyone from seasoned investors to owner-occupiers and first-home buyers, and have bought both homes and investment properties on behalf of our clients. We’re happy to discuss the different aspects of our service that may be suited to you based on your individual property strategy.

Can we get charged Fixed fees?

We work on a fixed-fee service, so you can you know in advance how much you are getting charged.

Where do you operate?

We buy properties all over Australia, and predominantly specialise in Victorian purchases. When we recommend other states, we work with a trusted network of interstate buyer’s agents to look after our clients who are considering an interstate property purchase.

Will you find development sites for us?

No - Even Though we have done subdivisions and developments before, we don't do it anymore. We have partnered with specialist people who can do this for you We can also recommend other property professionals related to this Once you’ve identified and purchased a site, our partner experts can then manage the entire process for you, from feasibility and design right through to construction and final delivery.

I have found the property myself, can you help buy this particular one?

Yes! We have a range of services to help property buyers who already have a property in mind. Our pre-purchase “Property Check” service can identify any deal-breakers and give you a price range for your negotiation, and our “Negotiation and Due Diligence” service is ideal for buyers who would like to hire a professional negotiator to represent them throughout the negotiation process to achieve the best possible price and contract terms.

About Us

We are committed to our clients, to provide long-term opportunities and financial stability. Using technology tools and the right software we bring the best value for money available to the client at that moment.