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Situated less than an hour from the metropolitan settlement of Melbourne, the Dandenong range is one of the most romantic areas of Victoria where anyone can think of thriving.
The location is breathing taking, especially for nature lovers who would love the long walks in the busy mountains feeding the birds. Dandenong Ranges is undoubtedly a beautiful location and a perfect place to invest in property. The real estate market of Dandenongs is quite developed, and lots of houses, apartments, and villas are available for sale.

About Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges, popular as The Dandenongs, is a low mountain range with the highest peak of 633 meters. Situated almost 35 km from the east of Melbourne in Victoria, the Dandenong range consists of rolling hills, steep eroded valleys, and gullies coated with temperate rainforests and protected parklands dominated by mountain ash trees and dense undergrowth of ferns. Generally, two names refer to the Dandenong ranges; Corhanwarrabul and Dandenong; both these names are derived from the Woiwurrung language- the native language of the Wurundieri tribe. According to the 2016 census, around 135,000 people permanently reside here, whereas hundreds of tourists visit here for vacations.

The ranges stretch for approximately 2500 square kilometers from the eastern periphery of metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, and the catchment basin of the Thompson River. The Dandenong range is the realm of an extinct volcano that was last active 373 million years ago. The entire area is covered with deep streams, sheltered gullies, and mountain ash. Several water bodies originate from the Dandenong range; the prominent ones are Cardinia Creek, Clematis Creek, Dandenong Creek, Eumemmerring Creek, Emerald Creek, Ferny Creek, Olinda Creek, Sassafras Creek, and Sherbrooke Creek. Waterfalls are tourist attractions; the important ones are Olinda Falls, Sherbrooke Falls, and Griffith Falls.

Dandenong ranges are easily accessible by roads, railways, and airways. The major roads in the region are the Ridge Road and the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. The nearest airport is Tullamarine, Melbourne, which is situated 63 kilometers away from the region. Geelong is another airport in Avalon, 99 km away from the state. Buses, managed by Ventura, operate in the city, and the major bus routes are Croydon to Upper Ferntree Gully and Belgrave to Mount Dandenong.

Why Dandenong Ranges?

Dandenong Ranges National Park occupies a large part of Mount Dandenong is has a well-developed network of walking paths for pedestrians carved in the mountainous and scenic atmosphere. The settlement in Mount Dandenong is snuggled between Olinda and Kalorama, the two popular tourist towns present in the tall and scenic Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne.

Since the area is situated closest to the nearest mountain range of the metropolitan settlement of Melbourne, several TV and radio transmission towers are installed here, which stand tall amongst the surrounding trees of the forest area. Situated at a ride of just 40 minutes from Melbourne, the Dandenong ranges are rich in wildlife, forest, mountains, and nature.

The major tourist spot in the ranges is the Mount Dandenong Observatory. Located 633 meters above sea level, it is the highest point of the mountain range. The Sky High Restaurant is present at its peak and has a cafe, BBQ, formal gardens, and scenic areas that offer spectacular views of Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Dandenong Ranges is located on the outskirts of Melbourne, surrounded by mountains and wildlife, where you can enjoy bush walks, feeding native Australian birds, and dine at popular restaurants. Dandenong Ranges is a beautiful location and great for purchasing a property. It offers a range of Dandenong Ranges real estate, including homes for sale, houses for sale, and apartments for sale.
Dandenong Ranges homes

Real Estate Highlights

Mount Dandenong Arboretum is spread across 16 hectares having deciduous trees and conifers.
Sky High Mount Dandenong, the highest point of the mountain ranges, is the perfect place to enjoy the views and perform recreational activities.

The William Ricketts Sanctuary has mystical sculptures present along the ferny paths of the sanctuary.
Iconic Puffing Billy Steam Train operates between the villages situated in the mountain ranges.
As per the reports by htag.com.au, the typical housing price in the suburbs has been increasing significantly each year. The following graph shows the data since 2010.
Spread over 3540 hectares, Dandenong Ranges National Park is home to several ancient florae, bushwalking tracks, waterfalls, and picnic areas.


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Economy and Amenities

The Dandenong ranges hold crucial significance for the Melbourne and Victoria region. The creeks originating here provide water, fertile soil for agriculture, and forest-based products. The scenic landscapes, rich and diverse flora and fauna, and several recreational opportunities encourage tourism in the area, which majorly contributes to the economy. The population residing in the ranges cherish living in a warm, scenic, and peaceful ecosystem.

The community settled in the Dandenong range does not have a full-fledged commercial center. Instead, it has several boutique restaurants and luxurious accommodations for the tourists and the locals hidden in the serene spots on the edge of the roads running along the forest region. The area enjoys considerable popularity amongst the tourists who spend their weekends at the bed and breakfast outlets.

The Puffing Billy Railway, a popular heritage steam railway, journeys between the Belgrave and Gembrook railway stations, situated amidst the hills of the eastern Dandenongs. The Lilydale railway line runs in the region, and the two nearest stations are Mooroolbark station and Croydon station. The Belgrave line also passes near the Dandenongs, with Upper Ferntree Gully station being the nearest stop.

Mount Dandenong fulfills almost 80% of Melbourne's total domestic water requirements. This supply is met by the water catchments of the Yarra River and its tributaries, formed in the closed forest area.

Dandenongs is no less than a paradise for cyclers who love to cycle on the extensive trails paved between the lush vegetation. The steep hills of the mountain range offer a panoramic view of the locality, and the surrounding quaint villages, offer accommodation, restaurants, unique shopping hubs, art galleries, local markets, beautiful gardens, national parks, and plant nurseries, and day spas.

The Greater Dandenong area boasts of some of the greatest places to enjoy food in Melbourne; famous amongst the food lovers, several eateries and fine dining restaurants offer varied cuisines ranging from Afghan and Indian to Asian. A cultural food tour held in the region is perfect for experiencing the food and culture of the famous places in the world. Some popular food joints are Kelly's Bar and Kitchen Restaurant, situated on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, and the SkyHigh Restaurant, near the Observatory Road.

Although Dandenong has ample local markets, the nearest supermarket is situated 4 km away at Olinda.

Dandenong Ranges: Future Prospects

The Dandenong Ranges is an important environment precinct and the government is taking the necessary steps to form the important policies for conserving the natural system in the area. Steps are being taken to improve the lifestyle of its residents and visitors, which will further boost tourism.

The Region contains a site that has significant cultural and recreational value. Being an important tourist place in Victoria, the government is making efforts to increase the basic amenities, to encourage more tourist and residential accommodations in the area.

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